About DFA

The Dufferin Federation of Agriculture (DFA) is a lobby group advocating for farmers rights and works as a liaison between rural and agricultural neighbours. The organization represents the significant majority of active farmers in the County of Dufferin.

Comprised of volunteer farmers, the DFA is the voice of farmers and champions the interests of Dufferin farmers and their families, to bring awareness of the importance of agriculture in the neighboring communities of Mulmur, Amaranth, Shelburne, Grand Valley, East Garafraxa, Mono, Luther, and Adjala.

The DFA works in collaboration with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) at a county level The OFA Canada’s largest voluntary farm organization. Based out of Guelph, Ontario, the OFA advocates for Ontario farmers, through government relations, lobby efforts, community representation, media relations and more.

Farming and agriculture play an important role in the success of Dufferin County. Without farming, everyone would be forced to hunt and gather food, which would not be possible for the world’s population to survive. The area is very diverse in its production and rich in history. Many of the 729 farms located in Dufferin County are family owned and passed on through the generations.

Dufferin County is recognized for its strong Agriculture sector with the top five commodities consisting of cattle and calves, dairy, potatoes, soybeans and corn. These combined farming activities have a huge impact on our community. Farm cash receipts in 2012 netted over $120 million in farm cash receipts, however, that economic impact actually translates into close to $270 million through backward linkages like wages and input purchases.

Dufferin agriculture provides in excess of 19,000 weeks of work to the local work force as hired farm labour every year. The total land area managed by Dufferin farmers is nearly 700km2 or about half of Dufferin County. It is clear that Dufferin Farmers are clearly a major economic force and major stakeholder in land use in Dufferin.


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